When you’re looking for a professional to help with your physical needs, credentials matter. Do the researches, look at reviews, and ask for references. You want to be confident that the professionals you work with understand the body from the inside out. You may be looking for massage to simply enhance your quality of life and health. If so, you do your body a favor by increasing joint flexibility, improving blood circulation and boosting immunity (through stimulating lymph flow). You’ll feel better, have more energy, and reduce stress.

Whatever the condition that leads you to seek a chiropractor or massage therapist, nutrition and proper diet will play an important role. Be sure to get counsel regarding food, and start by taking small steps if it all seems overwhelming.

Everyday exercise-enthusiast athletes as well as professional athletes also seek treatment from massage therapists and chiropractors. They recognize how important it is to care for their muscles to prevent injury that can take them out of action for an extended time. The benefits of massage help the body recover faster from workouts, and prevent soreness. When blood flow increases, nutrients are better carried into the body’s cells and organ systems.

You may also have a condition that can benefit from massage therapy. Be sure to find professionals who work with patients who have chronic back pain, atrophied muscles, strained or pulled muscles, and problems with cramping or muscle spasms. Massage pressure increases oxygen in the body, and promotes chemical changes that induce healing. Touch is a powerful means of caring for the body. Endorphins are released – the same body chemistry referred to as a ‘runner’s high.’

For people who have diabetes, massage helps reduce the stress of living with the disease. Healing touch is an antidote to anxiety. And because circulation to the extremities is an issue for diabetics, massage helps by improving the overall circulation. We treat people with diabetes, and massage is just one of the ways that we help people manage the negative effects.

All ages benefit from massage, from preterm infants to adults and the elderly. Unfortunately, the world we live in makes stress a part of everyday life for most people. Your goal is to relieve stress, reduce fatigue, increase energy and sleep better at night, all without medicine.